Fitness for

the driven

Is life getting in the way of your health?

Are you tired of work, activities, happy hours and other "excuses" getting in the way of you making yourself a priority?
Do you wish you could feel about working out the way you used to feel about playing sports?
This is like that.
But better.

Our premier fitness facility has a training program for every level, including kids, moms, adaptive athletes and elite competitors.

Your quality of life is determined by the quality of your health. Your fitness and health are directly impacted by the fuel you put into your body. EHP members get exclusive access to premier nutritional education.

If you're looking for more than fitness & nutrition - this is it. EHP members have access to advanced Sports Psychology training which makes you better than who you were yesterday and prepared for who you want to be tomorrow.

Just try it. We're now offering a FREE Trial.
"Normal People doing pretty cool things."
Off the Meds and Reviving Relationships: Dan's Story

Wyatt shares his experience doing CrossFit classes at EHP Performance. If you're not looking for CrossFit, click here to see what else we offer.

Dan started at EHP Performance taking 7 different medications. Now he takes 1.
Hear his story.

Love your workouts.
Fuel your body.
Take control of your life. 
Getting started is easy.

Schedule a time for a free trial workout at our gym.

Come for your free workout, meet some people, sweat, laugh, leave.

Decide if you're comfortable with how your life is now or if you want more for yourself.

we believe in

...sweaty hugs and high-fives. 100%, but knowing your body’s limitations: Full effort is full victory!

...progress: just because you don’t have something yet, doesn’t mean it is unattainable.

...consistency: the only way to make progress is to work on daily improvements.

...technique before intensity: proper technique prevents injuries.

...honesty: cheating only harms your own progress.

...standing up after a workout: stand up walk it off, tell yourself you are ready for battle. You are strong!

...celebrating victories and learning from defeats: every failure provides an opportunity for learning.

...asking questions: chances are, someone else has the same question.

...sharing knowledge with others.

...treating our house like your house: pick up after yourself and keep the chalk in the bucket!

...abandoning egos and excuses at the door: they will only weigh you down and hinder your progress.

...having faith in strengths: BELIEVING you can is half the battle.

...laughter and having fun.

...supporting each other from 3…2…1 to TIME... and everywhere in between. 

...individual journeys: each person is on their own journey; don’t compare yourself to others!

...recovery: rest is just as important as working hard.

...hard work, sweat, and dedication.


We believe in being 
EHP Performance

1400 25th St S

Moorhead, Minnesota


Tel: (218) 512-0515

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