we believe in

...sweaty hugs and high-fives.

...giving 100%, but knowing your body’s limitations: Full effort is full victory!

...progress: just because you don’t have something yet, doesn’t mean it is unattainable.

...consistency: the only way to make progress is to work on daily improvements.

...technique before intensity: proper technique prevents injuries.

...honesty: cheating only harms your own progress.

...standing up after a workout: stand up walk it off, tell yourself you are ready for battle. You are strong!

...celebrating victories and learning from defeats: every failure provides an opportunity for learning.

...asking questions: chances are, someone else has the same question.

...sharing knowledge with others.

...treating our house like your house: pick up after yourself and keep the chalk in the bucket!

...abandoning egos and excuses at the door: they will only weigh you down and hinder your progress.

...having faith in strengths: BELIEVING you can is half the battle.

...laughter and having fun.

...supporting each other from 3…2…1 to TIME... and everywhere in between. 

...individual journeys: each person is on their own journey; don’t compare yourself to others!

...recovery: rest is just as important as working hard.

...hard work, sweat, and dedication.


We believe in being 
EHP Performance

1400 25th St S

Moorhead, Minnesota


Tel: (218) 512-0515


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