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You want to be faster, stronger.
You want better health.
You want better community, fitness and nutrition.
You want a better you.
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A medical fitness facility that prescribes fitness, nutritional, and
lifestyle modifications over prescription drugs and medications. 

Our premier Medical Fitness Facility has a customized training prescription for every level, including kids, Teens, parents, adaptive athletes, aging athletes and elite competitors.

Your quality of life is determined by the quality of your health. EHP members have access to exclusive nutritional guidance to support their fitness prescription and goals.

EHP members have the support of a medical team who. supplement 

prescription exercise care plans to take care of your mind, body and spirit. This team helps you prepare for who you want to be tomorrow.

"Normal People doing
pretty cool things."
Off the Meds and Reviving Relationships: Dan's Story

Wyatt shares his experience doing CrossFit classes
at EHP Performance. Check out all the class
options by clicking here .

Dan started at EHP Performance taking
7 different medications. Now he takes 1.
Hear his story.

Love your workouts.
Fuel your body.
Take control of your life. 
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we believe in

...supporting everyone throughout their journey 100%, but knowing your body’s limitations: Full effort is full victory! 

...progress: just because you don’t have something yet, doesn’t mean it is unattainable. 

...consistency: the only way to make progress is to work on daily improvements. 

...technique before intensity: proper technique prevents injuries. 

...honesty: It’s just you against you.  

...set goals: Acknowledge where you are at and where you want to g

...standing up after a workout: Words are powerful. What you tell yourself about an experience, inside the gym or out, influences your response. Tell yourself you are strong!

...celebrating victories and learning from defeats: every experience provides an opportunity for learning. You either win or you learn.

...asking questions: every time you step inside our doors is a learning opportunity.

...treating our facility like it’s your own: everything has a place

...abandoning egos and excuses at the door: they will only weigh you down and hinder your progress. patient: believe in the process and trust your health coach

...laughter and having fun. 

...individual journeys: each person is on their own journey; don’t compare yourself to others.

...recovery: Rest is a form of resistance. In a world that tells you to constantly hustle, we know that working hard AND recovering well is what it takes to live our best life.

...Empowerment, Hard Work and Personal Growth


We believe in being 
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