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The Body Transformation Challenge

The Body Transformation Challenge is a 10 week challenge that dives deep into lifestyle and nutrition  lessons that you can sustain and implement throughout your life to live longer and healthier than you currently are.  We run this program ONCE a year.

This challenge will NOT work if you are not committed.  You must be willing to learn and implement the things you are taught along the way.  We dive deep into stacking healthy habits on top of each other and we also dive into macronutrient counting and timing.

If you do not participate upon the guidelines you may be asked to leave the program so it does not distract from others who are fully committed.

If you are asked to leave the program, **No refunds will be issued**

Pre-challenge- A Two-part application is due along with your 50% registration (links below)

Week 1 • Body Composition Testing at EHP. Schedule with a coach in the morning before a workout and while fasted.


Week 2 • Measurements, before pictures, receive food templates, receive Goal Setting Worksheet, food prep containers,
accessory fitness work, food tracking and how to connect with your coach. to grocery shop.

Week 3 • Meal Prep Crash Course (location announced later) and learn how to add flavor

Week 4 • Food trade and meeting

Week 5 • How to stay healthy in sticky situations (workplace, traveling, dining out with friends, on a budget)

Week 6 • Half way checkpoint (weigh in and measurements).

Week 7 • Individual Meetings with your BTC Coach

Week 8 • Grocery store tour and secrets

Week 9 •Final Party Healthy Potluck and where do I go from here? Final body composition measurements, weigh in,
measurements, after photo.

Week 10 • Schedule final check out meeting with your coach to review BTC progress

Challenge Criteria

You are expected to fully participate in all of the Challenge Classes, homework, quizzes and reflection sessions.  If you are unable to be at a particular session or weigh in, you may be charged personal coaching rates to schedule it individually.

• 4+ Days Per Week Elevate/CrossFit Class

• 85% or higher meal plan adherence
• Pre and Post Body Assessments
• Pre and Post Challenge Photos
• Goal Setting
• Nutrition Accountability
• A Dedicated Challenge Coach

• Additional Weekly Endurance and Mobility Workouts Each Week (take on at home or at the park!) and record in Wodify
• Meal prep materials and class

• EHP Cookbook



Limited to 14 People

*Once you register (50% down) please print out and fill out an applicationand turn it into EHP for approval into the program. A waitlist will be available. If you are not accepted, your money will be refunded.*



$350 Members [Half is due with application and the other half will be due at the start of the challenge]

It is highly recommended that you have been consistently attending Elevate or CrossFit (3-4 days per week) for three months before undertaking this challenge. 

Here are some stats

"We have ran five 8 week sessions of our Body Transformation Challenge. In those sessions, our participants have lost a total of 491 lbs, averaging 10 lbs of weight loss."

—  EHP Performance Body Transformation Challenge