The BTC Reboot

We know that for so many reasons we lose touch with our health, nutrition and exercise.  You have already taken the time to do a deep dive for 8 weeks of your life… and if you remember well, you felt like a Rockstar during your Body Transformation Challenge. 


So something happened and you got out of your routine, this 8 week reboot is designed to get you back into the swing of it and give you the accountability that you need to do it!

Registration Criteria

  • Prior BTC experience

  • Discipline to reboot for the entire 8 weeks



  • Stick to your food templates/updated food templates- achieve 85%+ of consistency with it

  • Cut the Food/Drinks that aren’t good for you (alcohol, pop, sugary things, caffeine)

  • Drink at least ½ your body weight in pounds in ounces of water daily

  • Sleep 7+ hours a night

  • 4 WODs + Endurance + Mobility exercise each week

  • Enter daily food journals  & Critique food journals 

  • Attend meetings that you set out as necessary things you and your coach recommend you need a reboot on- some are in person and some virtual

  • Before/Middle/After BIA/measurements/Pictures ($60 dollar value) with Coach Jenny- schedule online at