Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is CrossFit?

"Constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains," put simply, CrossFit is an athlete's approach to training for everyday life.  No gimmicks, no fads, no trends, just hard work and good training. We stick to movements (squats, running, pullups, etc) that have always worked.  We mix them up and vary them because that's how life works: things come at you in strange mixes of cardio and strength. Each class has a coach to teach the agenda for everyone and once you mix that with encouraging teammates you have the best hour of your day at the best gym in Moorhead.  Welcome to your new Happy Hour!


How Much Does a Membership cost?

The cost is going to vary on which program best suits your needs and your goals.  When you meet with a head coach during your prospective athlete meeting they will review this information with you based on which program they recommend.  Costs of our programs vary based on monthly membership rates and sessions ($20-200 depending on the program).  Your initial prospective athelte meeting costs $65.  If you choose to register for a program at EHP this $65 will go towards that program.

Why is CrossFit more expensive than my globo gym membership?

It's not cheap, but it's not expensive.  Expensive implies it's overpriced. A gym membership that you pay for and never use is expensive.  Our memberships are not cheap, but that's because what we do works. 

What we do is time and labor intensive.  We treat every EHP-er like an athlete, not a hamster.  We don't just stick you on a treadmill or watch you spin away like other gyms.  Traditional gyms are cheap because only 11% of people show up. 89% never show up and end up subsidizing the ones that do.


Do you take CrossFit Gym drop ins?

Yes, our drop in fee is $20 and you can sign up here before hand, otherwise you can purchase at least $20 in merchandise in our EHP Store. Coming for a week? Pay a one time fee of $50 for the week and come as many times as you want!





Is CrossFit dangerous, I have heard that a lot of people get hurt doing CrossFit?

CrossFit is not dangerous, however bad coaching is and bad movement is.  At EHP our coaching staff takes pride in making sure we understand you and your goals.  This is why we have our 1-on-1 prospective athlete meeting before you start.  We also include 90 Day athlete meetings with you to make sure you are on track for your goals.

Do I need to get in shape before I start CrossFit?

YES! CrossFit is scalable to anyone's level.  If you aren't quite ready for CrossFit or that doesn't particularly interest you we have other options.


In addition to CrossFit we offer another program called Elevate.  Our Elevate program is designed for people who want to get back into fitness or those who want a great workout without all the technical work that comes along with CrossFit.  It's a great workout, every time! . We will get you moving, sweating and smiling 4 days a week.  


How do I get health care reimbursement for attending classes?

Depending on your health care insurance, the chances are you can!  

Do you offer Kid Sit hours?

We sure do!  We offer kid sit services at EHP CrossFit while parents are participating in CrossFit and Elevate Classes.  You will sign up for Kid Sit in Wodify (choose "kid sit" and date/time in your app).  Reservations for Kid Sit hours close 24 hours in advance.  You can check out the current schedule under the schuedle tab.  We also have an EHP Parents Facebook Page to keep you up to date on additional information and updates about kid sit hours.  Just ask your head coach to add you to the facebook group!

How do I get into Wodify rise for a challenge? 

First, you must have an active wodify account.  Then you can download the “Wodify Rise” app. Once we send out a link to a new challenge, you will want to follow the link on your computer and register for the challenge.  Then, when you sign into your app you can access the challenge you just registered for.


How do I book a Body Composition Test?  

Once you are an established athlete, you will go to our website and then click the “Get Started” from the menu bar. Scroll down to the Book Composition Testing appointment and click “Book it”.  From there, select your head coach from the menu bar and then a time that works for you. Please fill out all the information completely and you can expect to get a confirmation email shortly after confirming your appointment.


How do I book an athlete 90 day meeting?  

Once you are an established athlete, you will go to our website and then click the “Current Athlete” from the menu bar. Scroll down to the “Athlete Meeting” appointment and click “Book it”.  From there, select your head coach from the menu bar and then a time that works for you. Please fill out all the information completely and you can expect to get a confirmation email shortly after confirming your appointment.


How do I book personal coaching sessions?

So you want to really focus on getting a certain movement or specific aspect of your training down.  You may have tried on your own, but just can’t quite get it. That is what we are here for! Whether it is getting your first pull up, running a 10k, striving for a certain number on your Olympic lifts, or working through better mobility our knowledgeable coaching staff is here to help.  Contact your head coach and let them know what you want your personal training sessions on. They will put you in contact with the coach’s skill set that would best fit your personality and your needs. You can do 1 hour or 10, that is up to you.  To book, go the the current athlete tab, select Book It, select the coach you want to do you session with, then select the date and time you want to book it and fill in the proper information.  Please note their is a 24 hour cancellation policy for ALL personal coaching sessions. 

How do I book a Sports Medicine Treatment with Dr. Karla at Elevate Human Potential?

You have almost made it to the right spot.  Click the button below and you will be directed to the clinic website.  Simply click “Book Online”, choose your appointment type, select the date and time you want to schedule (note the schedule starts on a Monday) and fill in the appropriate information.  You will receive an email verifying your appointment once you book it.

How do I check out on Wodify?

We have lots of fun and useful merchandise available for you at EHP.  Please follow this video to see how you create your own self-checkout.

What products do you carry at EHP?

We carry A LOT of products at EHP.  Everything from gear to protect your knees while squatting to the highest grade supplements.  Check out this video on all the inventory we stock.

How do I set up my Wodify Account?



Rarely Asked Questions(RAQ)

(Questions we wished people would ask)

Why should I choose EHP?

Great question! The thing to understand about CrossFit is that it’s like saying “yoga”. There are tons of yoga studios but they all do yoga differently. CrossFit is similar.  Each one is, and we can not emphasize this enough, VERY DIFFERENT. 


Each CrossFit gym create a different vibe. This creates a TON of diversity from gym to gym. 


At EHP CrossFit and Elevate Human Potential, we strive to empower people to move their bodies in a way that is fulfilling and optimal for them. We work to do this because our bodies are unique tools that are meant to be moved and fix themselves without the use of medicine. We strive to bring you to YOUR highest human POTENTIAL while utilizing our performance, training, and recovery services. 

I genuinely want to start working out, but I tend to not follow through?

Another Great Question!


In our experience people do not follow through for at least 1 of 3 reasons:

~They don’t have a plan.  They can make up exercise routines for themselves for a little while but eventually they stall out and get bored

~They don’t have a dedicated coach. This takes a lot of work and expertise.  If you try figuring it out on your own you will make mistakes. At EHP our coaches have spent many hours perfecting their skills to help you.

~ They don’t have a team. Humans are social creatures.  We crave community, we crave a tribe. EHP is a community of people who want you to be the best version of yourself.


This is why we have structured everything we do taking these 3 roadblocks into consideration.  From our 90 day athlete meetings to check in on your goals, to that little nudge you need to get back on track when you have missed a week, we are here to support you.  When you combine them all you stay motivated and not drop out!


I am in HORRIBLE shape, can I do CrossFit without embarrassing myself?

Here is the thing about CrossFit, or starting anything you have never done before, you are going to get humbled more than once. For most people, the feeling of being humbled gets confused with being embarassed.  The very nature in how we train is to find what your weaknesses are and work them.  So the answer is yes, you  may feel  “embarrassed” or "humbled" while you are learning, but this is a process of becoming comfortable and confident in your skills.  Our question for you might be, "How will you handle it?"

I see the CrossFit Games on TV.  Is That what you expect me to do?

Nope, that is like playing touch football for fun one weekend and your coaching expectin you to get drafted straight to the NFL.  

The CrossFit Games is like the super bowl is to football or the World Series is to baseball.  It is the best of the best. Although it is a dream goal of many, most of us are looking to find the best versions of ourselves.  Some of the movements that you see at the CrossFit games we will also do in class, however we do not expect you to walk up to a barbell and perform a snatch flawlessly or beautifuly kip your pull ups.  Everything you see is modifiable and scalable. 

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