we believe in

We believe in... 

...supporting everyone throughout their journey 

...giving 100%, but knowing your body’s limitations: Full effort is full victory! 

...progress: just because you don’t have something yet, doesn’t mean it is unattainable. 

...consistency: the only way to make progress is to work on daily improvements. 

...technique before intensity: proper technique prevents injuries. 

...honesty: It’s just you against you.  

...set goals: Acknowledge where you are at and where you want to g

...standing up after a workout: Words are powerful. What you tell yourself about an experience, inside the gym or out, influences your response. Tell yourself you are strong!

...celebrating victories and learning from defeats: every experience provides an opportunity for learning. You either win or you learn.

...asking questions: every time you step inside our doors is a learning opportunity.

...treating our facility like it’s your own: everything has a place

...abandoning egos and excuses at the door: they will only weigh you down and hinder your progress. ...be patient: believe in the process and trust your health coach

...laughter and having fun. 

...individual journeys: each person is on their own journey; don’t compare yourself to others.

...recovery: Rest is a form of resistance. In a world that tells you to constantly hustle, we know that working hard AND recovering well is what it takes to live our best life.

...Empowerment, Hard Work and Personal Growth


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We believe in being 
EHP Performance

1400 25th St S

Moorhead, Minnesota


Tel: (218) 512-0515


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