Not your normal resolution challenge

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  • We know so many resolutions go by the wayside for a variety of reasons, so we are working with you to keep those resolutions!

  • Where: EHP Performance

  • When: 5:15am T/Th/F, 6:00pm T/Th and 5:00pm F & 9:00am Saturdays


  • This program is 100% FREE under the condition that you show up to 13 out of 16 February Classes and participate in the Wodify Rise Challenge (downloaded app to help get your exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle habits to a healthier version of you)

  • In order to register you will pay $390 up front for an EHP New Athlete physical.  For each class you attend (up to 13) you will get $30 of yours back at the end of the challenge or use it towards future programs at EHP Performance as long as you complete 80% of your February Challenge..

  • If you make it to less than 13 classes for any reason or fail to complete your nutrition and lifestyle challenge up to 80%, that $30 per missed class or total money if you missed the challenge is kept at EHP and donated to EHP’s scholarship program opportunities..

    • In order to reserve your spot in the challenge you will schedule a NYNRC athlete athlete meeting at

      • Click on Dr. Karla’s photo and find the NYNRC Athlete Meeting and follow the booking prompts

  • Our clinical director will oversee any modifications you may need with your coaching staff and the coaches will work with you during this challenge to answer nutrition questions, provide movement/form/technique coaching, help you to prevent injuries, improve your mobility and will be there to motivate you through this challenge.

  • If EHP is closed for any reason- we will have virtual classes at your designated time where you need no equipment at all to complete your challenge

Spots are limited and will fill up quickly!  Reserve your spot TODAY!!!

Book My Prospective NYNRC meeting today!