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2021-2022 EHP Weightlifting Season Preview

EHP Performance Weightlifting

2021-2022 Season


Tuesday (6:15AM-7:30AM), Thursday (6:15AM-7:30AM) and Saturday (7:45AM-9:00AM).


EHP MEMBERS- $150 add-on for the season

Non-Members- $350 for the season

We will need 8 people registered by October 18th in order to host this season.

*Registration opens September 7th

Ages 9+--> Master’s athletes

Start Date- Nov 8th

Season End Date- March 12th

There will be ~55 lifting sessions (plus coach programming time) throughout the season

Junior High and High School athletes have 3+ meets:

Open December meet 12/11 (Little Falls) or 12/18 (Metro)

Open January meet 01/08 (Metro) or 01/15 (Detroit Lakes)

Open February meet 02/05 (Lakeville South) or 2/12 (Moorhead)

Last chance is 02/26/2022 - need a host

State meet will be 03/12/2022 - Moorhead High School

*This schedule is barring any additional COVID restrictions

Adults/Youth will have set meet dates- we will view area meets on the USAW schedule and determine which you will lift in- No dates or events are released yet.

USA Nationals- June 25-July 3- Las Vegas Convention Center


*National Qualifiers season may be prolonged- additional coach prices will be determined on the length of your season*

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