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5 Reasons Your Gym Squad Matters

In his 2000 best selling novel, The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell shares his theory on what causes social epidemics. He identifies three things that cause a person, product or idea to become wildly successful. One of these things is the power of context.

He cites studies that show the power of a person’s environment is not only influential, but

transformative. It can change someone from a study subject to an actual prisoner.

In one study, the conductors showed that a group of seminary students could be driven to ignore a person in pain and need simply by changing one small element of that person’s environment.

Let’s take a look at how something as simple as a change in where you workout (at home

versus at EHP Performance) could affect your overall health and fitness.

1. You’re more likely to participate and therefore get results. Studies have shown that 95% of people who started a program with a friend finished the program versus a 76% completion rate for those who started it alone.

Think about it in your own life. This is especially true if you are externally motivated. The people in our community want to see you succeed because they know we are a community dedicated to mutual improvement.

2. You gravitate towards the behaviors of those around you. This is a simple concept but can sometimes take a minute to wrap your head around. If you simply hung out with a group of people for an hour a day and there was no requirement to work out, but everyone else was working out..you’d probably work out too!

You can take this concept to the next level. When you share space with others who are doing more than you, you might ask yourself, “I wonder if I could do that.”

And here’s the thing: you’ll discover you can. Ask anyone at this gym if they thought they

believed they were capable of the things they’re doing now when they just started, they’ll say some variation of “no way!” They just changed who they surrounded themselves with.

3. You’ll push harder because of the Kohler Effect - No one wants to be the weakest link in a group setting, psychologically speaking. So in a group fitness environment you’ll naturally push harder. There are endorphins that are released when you get a good workout and those are great. But, when you take yourself to another level, one that you weren’t sure you could get to, things change.

You body is designed to start sending you red flags at around 40% effort, it doesn’t like to be in pain. So when you feel that discomfort, and your body is telling you to quit, and you don’t? You don’t listen and you keep going. You gain a new kind of control over your life. And all bc you started working out at a gym with driven people.

4. Your inner competitiveness comes out. This is a hallmark of group fitness and one of our member’s favorite benefits. Research at Kansas State University found that people who exercise with someone they thought was better than them increased their workout time and intensity 200%!

There is a very high likelihood that if you’re working out next to Hollie and she is kicking your butt on Cindy, you’re going to pick up the pace!

5. Even if you want to quit on yourself, we won’t let you. Having the people you admire and come to know as family cheer you on as you finish a workout is some of the best motivation out there. In gyms across the country we’ve seen people hell bent on quitting workouts, who want to give up, and actually SIT DOWN (yes, we have seen people sit down and stop working out!), and then get back up and finish the work out because others around them, encouraged and quite honestly, refused to let them give up.

You might think it sounds a little silly to be this excited, to be this motivated, to be this

encouraging and driven about a single workout, about one simple part of your day. If you do, that’s fine. But you have a decision to make: stay home and stay status quo or come join us for a workout and see what you’re capable of.

Malcolm Gladwell Identifies how a change in behavior can come from the tiniest change in environment. A small change can take an idea (working out and behind healthy) to a

phenomenon (doing pull ups, eating right and making the gym, and your health, a priority.)

“The key to getting people to change their behavior, in other words, to care about their neighbor in distress, sometimes lies with the smallest details of their immediate situation.” - Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point

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