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August's Better Than Yesterday Recipient

Each month the EHP coaching staff selects a member that is 'Better Than Yesterday!' The selected recipient is a great example of EHP's CREDO-- demonstrating compassion, resilience, perseverance and tenacity.

Shon Hastings

Shon Hastings was selected as August's 'Better Than Yesterday' recipient.

Why did you start Elevate/CrossFit? 

Lisa Sethre-Hofstad invited me to a bootcamp class. It was humbling and affirming; difficult but not impossible. Box jumps, rope climbs, tire flips--not exactly what I had planned for my exercise routine at age 55--but these exercises challenged me in new ways. I drove home most nights thinking, "I can't believe I just did that!" And then I started to wonder if I could ... complete more than one or two pushups, finish 100 wallballs, touch my toes to the bar, pull my chin over the bar, climb a 15' rope ..." Three years later, I am still wondering if I could ...

Why do you continue CrossFit?  

  1. CrossFit friends. They inspire and encourage me, share stories of PRs and muscle aches, make me laugh;

  2. Awesome coaches;

  3. Challenging and diverse programing;

  4. I am still wondering if I could ...

What has been your greatest achievement since joining EHP Performance? Making exercise part of my daily routine.

How has your life changed since joining EHP Performance? I am stronger. I can lift and squat a little more weight, climb a rope a little faster, complete a few more wallballs--which allow me to carry heavier boxes, hike a little longer, signup for travel adventures I might have passed by. More importantly, I am stronger person because I am supported by my EHP friends.

Shon is such a fun athlete to coach! She's open to suggestions, accepts feedback and contiguously pushes herself to be "Better Than Yesterday." Shon is quiet, gentle and caring but she is always fierce, determined and empowering!

Shon we are so glad that Lisa brought you to a "Buddy Day." We hope we can continue to challenge you in new ways for years to come! Keep up the great work.

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