• Karla Wolford

Considerations for a Master's Athlete- Do you have all the legs of your chair?

This rings true for all athletes, but as you age... you have to be more articulate about the base of your chair.

Each leg represents one of the following




Lack of bad habits- alcohol, junk food, tobacco, etc.

The seat represents stress

If you don't have 4/4 legs fo that chair dialed in, life can get a little bit rocky. You might be able to teeter on 3 legs for a bit of time but there is no chance you can get by with two. You will crash and burn immediately. That means either injury or illness is coming your way and you will be down and out.

If you don't know how to dial in your nutrition, we have two certified nutrition coaches at EHP who take individuals at any time and once a year we run a Body Transformation in the Spring if you do better with the group setting.

Sleep, if you want to get 6 hours (and yes, you need 6 hours) you need to be IN BED for at least 7 hours. If you don't get 6 hours of sleep, you better forget the gym because nothing too good is going to come from it. You must be disciplined in your sleep routine.

Hydration is one of the easiest and most over looked things people don't get a handle on. Drink at least .75 oz per pound of body weight for yourself. For example if you weigh 100lbs, you need to drink 75 oz of water... but better to get your body weight in oz of water daily if you can.

No bad habits. No explanation needed.

We then discussed one of the most overlooked pieces of this chair. If you aren't managing your stress, the stress is the seat. If the seat falls out... well, then you are in a predicament. =) And no, you are not fine.

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