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Featured Friday: Dakota games 2019

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Dakota Games is HERE, and we have several athletes that have been training for several months to be able to compete this weekend. The event is being held for the first time ever at the Scheels Arena in Fargo. The competition will start Friday night (9/20) with our pro individual Karla Wolford taking the stage along with our Pro team of 4. We have several others that will be competing in teams of three starting bright and early Saturday morning. If you are free this weekend feel free to come on over and check us out and cheer us on! Friday night is free to the public and on Sunday you can come watch us try to stay a float at the Hulbert aquatic center for free as well If you come to Scheels, you will need to purchase tickets to watch your favorite people and have access to a bunch of vendors! There will be Facebook live posts on our EHP facebook page as we can get them or you can watch the live feed as well on the Dakota Games Facebook page!

Live feed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SADE31wTuFs

Tickets: https://www.facebook.com/events/2409254879151983/ or buy them at the door

Leaderboard: https://competitioncorner.net/ff/2465/results?fbclid=IwAR3Kh4L7FN6dgKkp5ki4m4wU3WQQfjkcA2yFQYhXBXKuHk8xEr301uJbYPM#.XYTXfehKhf-

Schedlue: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cM1Ezza1HEijt71kFCZh0_XKsXq9iAlF

Meet our Competitors:

Team Pretty Tough

Hollie Olson set out on a journey to compete at the Dakota Games. She worked hard to find her team, even ventured over to Crossfit Fargo to find her third. Amy Nelson, Hollie Olson and Rachel Sudermann. These ladies are nothing to mess with! Meet team Pretty Tough competition in the scaled division

Team Small and Talls

Well really we could be called small, medium and large but small and talls seems to sound better. Coach Jenny, Kahla Diabich and Holly Hedlund are ready to take the floor. Holly is a veteran competitor to this competition as this will be her 3rd year competing there! All three are ready to take this competition by storm and have fun doing it. Meet Team Small and Talls competing in the scaled division.

Team Crossfit Fargo

Yes we know he isn't competing under our logo but we are still so excited for Josh Nogowski to take the floor again this year. He has teamed up with our old EHPer Duane Firestine and Steve Wilk coming all the way from Pennsylvania. Battling injuries these guys are looking to stay healthy this weekend and have fun. Look for them taking the floor for the Scaled Men’s Team of 3!

Team Jump, Flip, Lift

Meet our Womens intermediate team, made up of our very own Peyton Gale who teamed up with our last years intermediate division winners from the Red River RIot, Maggy Rae and Jess Eggert! Here is what they have to say about the weekend:

Maggy- At 35 years young I am all about the fun with a side of badassery. I’ve come a long way in my fitness and competing gives me a perfect setting to use it. I’m nervous, anxious and extremely excited!

Peyton- This is my first crossfit competition that isn't hosted by my home gym, so I can easily say I am just as excited as I am nervous. I'm excited to push myself and compete alongside both gyms that have brought me this far: EHP Crossfit and Crossfit Rocked back home in Manitoba. I'm a really competitive person, however my goal is to focus on my own performance and have fun with my team!

Jess- As someone heavily involved in the administrative side of fitness competitions, this weekend allows me to step out from behind the curtain and experience it from the opposite perspective, that of the athletes. It not only gives me a chance to appreciate the fitness I’ve worked so hard for over the past 7+ years, it also keeps me in tune with what it’s like to be in the athlete’s shoes, which I can carry back into my work to continually improve how I serve the community in my role in social media. At the end of the day, my goal is to have fun and gain some great memories while doing my best for our team.

We wish them the best of luck, as when they take the floor it will be for the first time as a team! Watch them in the Intermediate Women Team of 3!

Team Schrute Farms

These guys are just smiling all the time! None of them new to the competition floor, they are looking to stay a float in the pool event. Ultimately they would like to have fun competing. This will be the first time Spencer and Rauger have competed at the Dakota games however not new to the competition as they were judges last year. Tyler has competed at Dakota games before and is ready to show them how its done! Meet Tyler Walsh, Spencer Rea, and Rauger Barzani competing the Men’s Intermediate Division!

Team EHP Meat Market

You know you love them, Meat (see what I did there) our Men's Rx Team of three. Lucas Wolford, Mitch Howieson, and Andrew Johnson. None of these guys are new to the competition floor but it will be their first time competing together. And really who doesn't love their name! They have been working hard these past few months and it shows. Come cheer them on as they take on the Male Team of 3 RX!

Team A Spud and a Burro Carrying an Ass

Fun name right! This is the team that our Wyatt Johnson will be competing on. He has teamed up with 2 others that he randomly met on facebook. Here is what he has to say about the weeked:

Here's me, Kelly Salander and Tim Kozojed, aka Dakota Games masters team "A Spud and a Burro Carrying an Ass". We met through the Dakota Games Community Facebook page, when those two were looking for a third teammate, and Duane Fierstine tagged me, because he knew I was looking. This pic was the first time we met in person, getting together for lunch to get to know each other. Tim trains at Crossfit Icehouse, and Kelly at the fitness center in Hillsboro, where his wife, Kim, is a personal trainer. Tim and Kelly have competed together in small competitions before, but this will be the biggest competition for each of us. Our goals for the weekend are to survive and expose some weaknesses, and to have fun while doing it.

Watch Wyatt and his team take on the Masters Team of 3 Divison!

Team Couples Retreat

Our Pro Team of 4 consisting of 2 of our loving couples at the gym, Grant and Brittnay Kuper and Jordan Marschke and Megan Strese. They are taking on a new division at the Dakota Games Pro Team of 4. There are only a few teams that are competing so be assured that this will be a close competition for the podium!

Karla Wolford

She is no newbie in competition. She has been to Dakota Games twice and has also completed at very high level competitions. She has been back in the country for just shy of a week and is taking the floor Friday night, She says she is really looking to maximize the work she has put in physically and mentally. She did not put all the components together in the Granite Games and really wanted to give this her All. She wants to find her limits on all her events this weekend, pushing past her comfort zone.

We hope to see you cheering us all on this weekend, even if your watching from a phone or computer. A lot of work has been put in by all these athletes and everyone of them is looking to give it their all this weekend, leaving nothing on the floor and of course being #betterthanyesterday.

Coach Jenn

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