• Karla Wolford

February's Better Than Yesterday Recipient

Each month the EHP coaching staff selects a member that is 'Better Than Yesterday!' The selected recipient is a great example of EHP's CREDO-- demonstrating compassion, resilience, perseverance and tenacity.

Karin Nellermoe

Karin Nellermoe was selected as February's 'Better Than Yesterday' recipient.

Why did you start Elevate/CrossFit? 

I was invited to Buddy Day, I had no idea what I was stepping into… I LOVED it!

It was time for me to spend some time working on ME and my wellness… and this was exactly what I was looking for!

I wanted direction, to be around others that pushed me so I would push myself.

Why do you continue CrossFit?   Definitely the people, the athletes, the community, the AMAZing coaches and leadership! I love that the coaches really care about every one and push you to do better… to set goals and work towards them! Love that all the members are SOOO encouraging – and motivating – makes you want to BE better and do more.

What has been your greatest achievement since joining EHP Performance? So far, I’d have to say the Box Jump! A huge first goal for me 😊

But there are achievements every day… just walking through those doors and challenging myself! Completing the WODS, joining the challenges, adding more weight…and hopefully losing some! Lol

How has your life changed since joining EHP Performance? By helping to make my fitness and health a PRIORITY…. Taking care of ME!

Setting new goals I wouldn’t have imagined before! (Taking some of them baby steps at a time 😊) And - meeting a wonderful new friends!

Karin started at EHP just before the COVID-19 pandemic forced our facility to go remote. Karin's had strong attendance with virtual workouts and remains consistent with in-person classes and monthly challenges. She is a huge asset to the 5pm crew! Karin's personality is friendly and we enjoy seeing her smiling face everyday. Over the last year, her confidence with movements and equipment has grown tremendously.

She continues to pushed herself outside of her comfort zone and she continues to tackle her weaknesses.

Congratulations Karin! Keep up the fantastic work.

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