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January's Better Than Yesterday (BTY) Recipient

Each month the coaching staff at EHP selects a member that is "Better Than Yesterday!" The selected recipient is a great example of EHP's CREDO-- demonstrating compassion, honesty, resilience, perseverance and tenacity.

Carly Magnuson

Carly Magnuson was selected as January's "Better Than Yesterday" recipient.

Why did you start Elevate/CrossFit? 

Honestly, I started CrossFit because Courtney brought me along when I was a freshman in high school. I cried that first class because I was scared of what I was getting myself into, and I was by far the youngest in the class. It was pretty intimidating.

Why do you continue CrossFit?  

I continue to do CrossFit because it keeps me physically and mentally strong. Also because after sports, I needed to find a new hobby and a way to stay in shape. Every day is different, so it keeps me interested and doesn’t ever get boring.

What has been your greatest achievement since joining EHP Performance? My greatest achievement since being at EHP is just getting stronger overall and doing things I’ve never been able to do. I’ve hit my fair share of PR’s and those are always fun - but I think seeing how much my pull ups have progressed in the last couple of months has been the most rewarding.

How has your life changed since joining EHP Performance? When I moved to Moorhead for college and started at EHP, I was fresh off of a knee surgery. I was about 10 weeks post-op, so I couldn’t do a whole lot. It was a dark time for my mental health, and EHP was the one thing that got me out of bed every day for those first couple months. Now being over a year after joining, going to EHP is in my daily routine. I have made some great friends here, and getting to workout with them is my favorite part of the week.

Carly is the “silent but deadly” type. She won’t be the loudest, but she’ll work hard and smile her way through any workout. She put in the work consistently, and she works every day to be better than the one before.

Carly, we are so happy you moved to Moorhead and joined EHP! Keep up the phenomenal work.

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