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May's Better Than Yesterday Recipient

Updated: May 21

Each month the EHP coaching staff selects a member that is 'Better Than Yesterday!' The selected recipient is a great example of EHP's CREDO-- demonstrating compassion, resilience, perseverance and tenacity.


Sarah Borders was selected as May's 'Better Than Yesterday' recipient.

Why did you start Elevate/CrossFit? 

Looking for something to keep me at the gym. I tried a few different gyms and always struggled to stay for more than a couple months.

Why do you continue CrossFit?   I love being able to show up and do what I'm told to do. I don't have to think or plan much. I don't have to come up with programming and wondering what I should be doing, what weights I should use, etc. And I LOVE the variety and not doing the same thing every day, week, month, whatever. It is different everyday!

What has been your greatest achievement since joining EHP Performance? I've actually taken a bit of a different track personally since I joined EHP. So I haven't hit any PR's or anything. However, I was overly satisfied with the 21.3 workout, doing all the chin over bar pull ups, getting to the chest to bar pull ups and not giving up. I tried to get 1 rep a million times but had a million no reps. I didn't give up, I kept trying!

How has your life changed since joining EHP Performance? Well, I finished #75Hard. I'm loving how I'm feeling and the direction I'm going, both physically and mentally. I can't wait to see what else changes!

Sarah's work ethic since joining EHP has been remarkable! She is consistent and dedicated to exercise and nutrition. Sarah is quiet but fierce!

Sarah's head coach said the following comments: Sarah is very consistent, I think I've seen her every Wednesday morning since she joined (only morning I coach). Also, she really pushes herself, I use the words feisty or firey when I describe her performances. Also, I think she does everything she can outside of the gym too, to better herself, very healthy diet, almost every homemade, crafty. And she is always looking for new better ways to do things whether it is in the gym or in her routines at home.

We are so thrilled that you found EHP, Sarah! Keep up the great work!

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