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Monday Notes:

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know a few things that you will want to know about some upcoming things at EHP!

*** Valley News live will be here reporting on the Women's Empowerment Event during the morning of November 6th***

First, off we have our Women (and Girls) Empowerment Event on November 9th from 12-4. All females are invited and males are appreciated in any way that they can help out during the event.

You can sign up here below or click on the image above.


Next up, we have our end of year Holiday Party and you are going to want your tickets to this event! We have a Murder Mystery Ugly Holiday Sweater in store for you this year. There will also be BTC approved food there for you! Click on the image to find out more information and register.

If you like to compete, or if you don't... of if you have never done it before...you will love the Holiday Throwdown. This 4 person team event will lead you to help out a local charity all while having a great time with friends. More information and registration information available by clicking the image.

You may have see it on Instagram, but Sundays are for the "GIRLS". We will be starting to incorporate a "Girl" workout into something you can do Sunday's during open gym. Grab your gym buddy and challenge yourself in these benchmark workouts.

Many of you have fared really well with the aerobic capacity course and we are excited to bring you the weightlifting essentials course in November and December. Whether you are a seasoned lifter or just starting, we all need to grasp the essentials in order to improve our lifts. Click on the image for registration information.

If you have a friend, family, or coworker who had been thinking about trying a different workout regimen and they just haven't had the incentive, check out all the details for TWO Not Your Normal Resolution Challenges that will be happening in the month of December and January this year!

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