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Prenatal, Pregnant and Postpartum Core exercises- Modifications for Ground Based Exercises

Over the next few weeks I am going to discuss and show you some examples of the core exercises you can do to modify your workouts so you and baby get some excellent stabilization in while keeping you and your core safe!

  • Note, this does not take the place of a visit with your health care provider/coach about these movements

  • Please pay attention to any coning or abdominals coming to a "V" as every woman is different and will feel different things during these movements

  • Please pay attention to any excess pelvic floor pressure during any of these movements and stop if that occurs and use a different example.

Today we are working with some modifications for "ground based" exercises. If you have any sit ups, V-ups, toes to bar, toe touches, core hollows programmed, chances are, you can't and shouldn't be doing them anymore if you are reading this post, so try and modify with some of these!

You may ask, why might these core exercises work and not others... well it will vary woman to woman, but many of these exercises will use core muscles that are not dominated by the rectus abdominis.

When looking at the diagram below, all females bodies will carry children differently. Inevitably, their abs will split somehow. Adding unneeded pressure and high volume exercises through the rectus abdominis is unneeded. Many of the video variations below minimize the strain put on the rectus and utilize different "core" muscles such as the obliques, transverse abdominus, gluteus, multifidi, lumbar paraspinal muscles, lats, etc.

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