• Karla Wolford

Prenatal, Pregnant and Postpartum Core exercises- Obliques and transverse plane work

Once your rectus abdominus splits, getting out of bed and simply sitting up become a challenge, but lets not forget that we have other muscles that stabilize our core and work to minimize lower back pain during pregnancy. Here are a few examples of how to keep that transverse plane and your obliques in check! There were many previous videos that also will tax and utilize the obliques so feel free to mix those in two. One thing you will notice about all of this oblique work is that is it CONTROLLED. This is not high intensity, high rep work, but rather focused on quality and type of movement throughout this plane.

Any rapid movements in this plane later in pregnancy can provoke lower back pain when your hormones begin to change and relaxin starts to set in.

By using a single weight you are forcing your opposite obliques to stabilize, creating for a minimally loaded, max core potential stabilization for you and the baby!

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