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September's Better Than Yesterday Recipients

Each month the EHP coaching staff selects a member that is 'Better Than Yesterday!' The selected recipient is a great example of EHP's CREDO-- demonstrating compassion, resilience, perseverance and tenacity.

Ingrid and Hadley

Ingrid and Hadley were selected as September's 'Better Than Yesterday' recipients.

Why did you start CrossFit Kids?

Ingrid + Hadley: To be strong like my mom!

Why do you continue CrossFit Kids?  

Ingrid: I want to get stronger.

Hadley: I want to get strong like my mom.

What has been your greatest achievement since joining EHP Performance? Ingrid: I've been getting better at wall walks. Rauger said mine were perfect. :)

Hadley: I can actually get my nose to the wall on wall walks.

How has your life changed since joining EHP Performance? Ingrid: "It has helped me get healthier."

Hadley: "I have more friends."

This dynamic duo shows up to every class eager to learn, grow and play! Ingrid and Hadley are quite competitive against each other, which ultimately pushes them to work harder during workouts and active games. Their determination and understanding of health at such a young age is phenomenal. We can't wait to watch them grow together and as individuals during the years to come.

Janine and Zach, you have raised such great kids. Ingrid and Hadley are kind, respectful and honest. You should be proud of them-- we are! :)

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