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Simple Sunday- 101 acts of Kindness

For those of you keeping score at home, we’ve now taken two major steps on our journey toward living a more purpose-filled year at work.

First, we’ve completed the Purpose Finder Assessment (find the link below in case you haven't gotten a chance to do it yet).

Second, we’ve shared our genuine and sincere gratitude by recognizing the great work of some important people in our lives.With that behind us, it’s now time take the next step in putting our collective purpose to work! That said, this week’s challenge is all about epic acts of kindness! In fact, we have a packet waiting for you at the front desk of EHP! In it, you’ll find loads of simple, easy and kind things you can do for your coworkers, friends, family and even customers.Here’s how this week’s activity works.

First, take a few minutes to read through the document. Once done, simply pick out 5-10 epic acts of kindness you’d like to do this week—and identify when and for whom you’ll do them! Then, it’s time to start spreading some serious joy by surprising your friends and loved ones with some serious unexpected kindness.

While these are ridiculously simple things to do, they are extremely powerful and important. Remember, we are indeed BETTER TOGETHER! And there’s no better way to build great relationships—and at the same time put your purpose to work—than by being kind.


Feb 13th- Giving Hearts Day

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