• Karla Wolford

Simple Sunday- Giving Hearts Day

We are officially on the home stretch of our four-week journey toward finding—and capturing—our individual and collective purpose.

And this week’s opportunity to put our individual and collective purpose to good use is HUGE!

In fact, on Thursday, February 13th we’ll all have an opportunity to become a “giving heart.” By taking part in this region-wide “Giving Heart’s Day” initiative, we’ll have the chance to give back to those in the community who are less than fortunate than us.

Here’s what EHP is doing to get you engaged in mind, body and spirit!

We are gearing up for another great Giving Hearts Day Row-a-Thon... and this year we are going all out!

Here are some steps to get involved with the row-a-thon! 1) Reserve a one hour time slot (available from 4AM-11PM- (unless someone really wants to get crazy). We will have food and beverage sponsors during certain hours of our day! - Sign up on our Facebook Event page Giving Hearts Day Row-a-thon 2) Get a team together (recommend between 3-6 people depending on how much you want to row). Your team mans the rower for one hour. It doesn't matter how far you row, just that you row! 3) Each team member will donate a minimum of $10 Through the Dakota Medical Foundation Website to the charity of your choice. 4) You will mark how much your team helped to raise during the row a thon on the designated marker board at EHP and the meters you row 5) You hashtag the things we ask you to on Social Media 6) Have a blast and get sweaty while doing something great for our community! =)

THANK YOU in advance for your consideration and THANK YOU for taking part in the previous weeks’ activities. To be sure, there is no greater calling—and indeed privilege—than putting your purpose to work in the service of others.

I hope you know that we’re grateful for who you are and all you do. We are blessed to have you at EHP

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