• Karla Wolford

Simple Sunday- Welcome to 2020

As we kick-off 2020, we want you to know that we’re excited for the year ahead. Working side-by-side, we’re hoping that this will be a year to remember—one that’s filled with happiness, personal growth and success.

With this in mind, one of our most important development priorities for the upcoming year directly involves you.

Working together, we want to make 2020 the year that we discover—and harness—both our individual and collective sense of purpose. Without question, when we’re all confident about our purpose at work, at home, and in our communities—and understand why what we do matters—there’s little that can stop us.

With this as the driving motivation, over the course of the next several weeks we’ve created some exciting, fun and meaningful opportunities to help us all not only better-understand our own unique sense of purpose, but to put it into practice as well.

Beginning next week, we will be rolling out the first of four specific activities designed to help us all get a better handle on harnessing our own unique sense of purpose. During our Simple Sunday Blog posts you will discover the weekly challenges for you to explore your purpose!

These are what is coming in store for you in the next couple weeks!


January 19th- Purpose Finder

Jan 26th- Power of Gratitude.

February 2nd- 101 Acts of Kindness

February 9th- Giving Hearts Day!

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