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What is Doping and how do I know if I am doing it?

With the recent uproar about Athletes in the CrossFit world getting dinged about doping, here are some things you should know... especially if you plan to be drug tested. CrossFit generally follow's the USADA (US Anti Doping Agency) and WADA (World Anti-doping agency) guidelines. Each NGB (National Governing body has certain things that are allowed in and out of competition.

You can check WADA's athletes guide to prohibited substances list here:


If you are curious if a medication you are taking is on the prohibited list, check out the Global DRO list here. All US medications go through the FDA... but not all countries have something similar.


If you are taking a medication that is one of of these lists for a legit health issue, there may be hope for you to continue to take it but you will have to have it recommended by a doctor using a TUE (therapeutic Use Exemption).


If you are new to this, check out this brief video!


So now that you know about medications, what about your supplements? These can be scary because the FDA does not test supplements. A company can literally slap a label on a supplement and the supplement doesn't need to contain those ingredients at all. That is where some doping issues can come into play. You don't think you are doing anything wrong... and BAM! Your ___________ supplement you have been taking and you thought was safe is not safe at all.

REALIZE there are safety issues with dietary supplements.

RECOGNIZE risk when you see it.

REDUCE your risk of testing positive and experiencing health problems by taking concrete steps.

For any supplement that is third party tested you can look up the lot number on the package and match it to what was actually found in the supplement. Here is the start of how you can determine if you need to dig into those supplements more!


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