EHP Teens speed/power/agility

EHP teens

Functional Movements, Strength Building, and FUN for kids ages

12-18 (until high school graduation) to learn healthy habits to last a lifetime!


We are shaping lives, reversing prevalent health issues, building a community and creating a lifelong definition of health.

Age Groups 

Teens | 12-18

*Teens class is for those students who have not graduated high school yet.  Once students have graduated high school they can move into our regular CrossFit/Elevate Class


*Memberships are month to month and renew on the first of every month

*Membership includes Teens Class, Team Workout on Saturdays, Open Gym, Yoga and The Recovery Room


  • Summer  program.

  • (Recommended ages 12 - 18)

  • Focus is on Power output, vertical training, speed, agility, footwork, cutting, Olympic and Power lifting. Explosiveness will be the key component.

  • June/August

  • Five days a week & Bonus Saturday workout

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team training camps

  • If you have 8 or more people/teammates interested in a team training camp,  Click here for more information or call 218-512-0515 for more details!

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