Empowerment scholarship


The majority of people have specific reasons for wanting to join EHP (lose weight, look better, get stronger, lower blood pressure, etc), but everyone here ends up seeing results that are longer lasting than numbers on a scale or an image in their mirror.  Our members at EHP have all seen benefits such as: an increase in self confidence, a reduction of stress, increased mental health, less depressive thoughts, less anxiety, and most importantly a sense of community.  Our members have formed friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime with others who they may have never had a chance to meet outside of class.  


If you are a woman who is a survivor of sexual assault, we have designed an opportunity called our Empowerment Scholarship that allows you a chance at being empowered at EHP.   Generally, survivors are those who have experienced sexual assault, intimate partner violence, family violence, and/or those who have experienced the adverse effects of addiction and emotional harm.​

What Empowerment scholarships can Include:

One-on-one head coach prospective athlete meeting where we will perform a fitness assessment, interview and movement screen that will help determine which program best suits your needs.

We want you to be as happy and healthy as possible.  Studies have shown there is a high statistical correlation between those who have gone through any sort of physical/emotional abuse, rape/molestation, emotional/physical neglect, or those affected by a history of drugs/alcohol have a high tendency to show significant health problems in the future.  Not only do we have the ability to help you with physical benefits of decreasing these future health problems, but maybe more importantly we can help with the emotional healing in the present.  

*Scholarship funds are available based upon application, our current funding level and a financial needs basis (we will provide you a sheet to fill out) . Minimum attendance per month to maintain a scholarship is 10 classes.  Scholarships are limited to new athletes at EHP.  Please email scholarship forms to ehpperformance@gmail.com.